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Based in Brisbane, Jazz Music Institute (JMI) is a specialist jazz school delivering courses in jazz since 1997. JMI is the only private higher education provider in Australia that delivers a Bachelors degree specialising in jazz performance, producing graduates with the musical and business skills needed to thrive in the live jazz performance industry.
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Our method

Our method is designed so that anyone of any standard can improvise and also learn about music theory/harmony and its application to performance. Not only do you learn to improvise you will also unravel the complexity of music theory and harmony with a logical, systematic and easy to understand approach.
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The JMI Learning Experience

As an institution to study at, JMI is clearly ahead of the curve in terms of student satisfaction and engagement. JMI is one of the highest rated institutions in Australia for student satisfaction. Data collected through Quality Indicators for Learning & Teaching (QILT) shows that students at JMI rate their educational experience considerably higher than the national average. Here is an excerpt of some of the results from the QILT Student Experience Survey in 2016:

Overall Quality of Educational Experience = 94.5% (National Average is 79.9%)
Teaching Quality = 92.7% (National Average is 81.5%)
Learner Engagement = 80.8% (National Average is 64.2%)
Skills Development = 92.5% (National average is 81.2%)
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