JMI Private Lessons

Get private music lessons through JMI

JMI are offering private music lessons to students of all ages and abilities.  JMI’s Private Lessons are delivered by talented and knowledgeable graduates of our Bachelor program.

JMI’s Private Lessons are offered as 1-hour one-on-one lessons available in either single lesson, 3 x lesson, 5 x lesson or 10 x lesson packages.

These music lesson packages are available for all levels of music students, from whether you are a complete beginner, through to and advanced level musician.

Our teachers are all professional and practicing musicians and educators in various styles and genres of music.  Students are able to select the teacher they would like to get music lessons with from the list below.  Scroll down to read about the teachers available for private music lessons at JMI.

Face-to-face & online lessons now available

JMI’s Private Lessons are now available face-to-face or online.  You can opt for whether you would like your lessons done in-person or online when sending through the registration form.

Lesson times are arranged between yourself and your teacher. There are no restrictions on how frequent your lessons are (weekly, fortnightly etc.) – this is completely up to you and your teacher to decide.  However, the lesson package must be redeemed within a 6-month period or it becomes void.

Lesson cancellations must be made more than 24 hours prior to the arranged lesson time.  Lessons cancelled within 24 hours will not be redeemed.


Lessons cost $88 incl. GST per hour.  You can purchase a range of lesson packages:

1 x Lesson = $88
3 x Lessons = $264
5 x Lessons = $440
10 x Lessons = $880

Full payment is required upfront prior to lessons commencing. There are no refunds available.


To register for JMI Private Lessons, please complete the online registration form.  Once the form is completed, we will contact you within 2 business days to confirm your Private Lessons Package and put you in contact with your teacher.

JMI Private Lesson Teachers


Brandon Mamata

Brandon Mamata is a Brisbane based guitarist who works in a diverse range of genres and cross-genre projects in the jazz, funk, soul, metal and improvised music scenes. As a graduate of the Jazz Music Institute’s Bachelor course, Brandon’s style draws big inspiration from the jazz idiom and is thoroughly informed with a rhythmic heavy, harmonically colourful and improvised based approach to music

Brandon will take students through fretboard understanding, harmonic concepts based on CAGED shapes, rhythms for comping and improvising, improvisation techniques, line construction and aural improvement. 

davey romain guitar

David Romain

I’ve been playing guitar for 12 years and teaching for 10 years. I started my journey as a self-taught musician playing blues and rock at venues around South East QLD. Upon graduating JMI’s Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance, I began teaching night classes at JMI as well as working in schools through the Australian Academy of Music, B Sharp Music, and the Primary Music Institute.

Learning with me, you can expect to cover everything from fundamentals to advanced concepts of improvisation. We will cover theory and practice with a focus on performance and analytical understanding. I will structure lessons with your goals in mind and tailored to your skill level.

tyler cooney guitar

Tyler Cooney

Since graduating with Honours in 2016 and studying under the renowned Ben Hauptmann, Tyler has been making a living teaching privately from his home, teaching at various music schools and regularly gigging in and around Brisbane. Tyler teaches everything you’d want to know, from beginner to advanced harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic concepts, ear training, chord voicings and accompaniment, building your chops and improving technique, composition, etc. Learn to play your favourite styles from Gypsy jazz and swing right through to more modern styles of playing!


Kimberley Hanson

Kimberley Hanson is a talented jazz & blues vocalist and passionate voice teacher with a life-long love for music. Her approach to teaching caters to the individual––aiming to spark joy, fun and inspiration with every lesson. 

Since studying at the Jazz Music Institute, Kimberley honed her skills for vocal improvisation, drawing influences from some of the greats. She is particularly inspired by vocalists, Nancy Wilson, Blossom Dearie, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday. 

Kimberley also enjoys applying her vocals to a diverse array of genres. A plugged-in member of the local Brisbane scene, you can catch her fronting neo-soul/psych rock project Krunj and doom-ska orchestra Boss Moxi. Kimberley would be an appropriate vocal teacher for you if you wish to enhance your ear for harmony and improvisation as well as improve upon your technical and stylistic approach to singing.


grace cockburn voice

Blake Lonie

I am a 2016 graduate of a Bachelor of Jazz Music at JMI. Beginning on trumpet in primary school, transitioning to guitar and electric bass in high school and a Diploma of Music, then onto double bass at University with the renowned Brendan Clarke as my mentor. I have been playing various styles over the past 10 years, and I regularly perform around Brisbane. I am involved in numerous projects including classic and alternative rock, heavy and progressive metal, American and gypsy jazz, Latin, funk and blues. As such I can cater to any style of learning for students young and old.

With me you can learn everything from your favourite songs and solos, as well as fundamentals such as ear training, improvising, accompaniment, advanced harmonic and rhythmic concepts, and song writing techniques. I believe there is something in music for everyone and having a teacher to explore with is an invaluable experience!

elliott parker

Elliott Parker

Elliott Parker has been refining his skills on the bass for most of his life. Before graduating from JMI in 2018, he was privileged to learn underneath the tutelage of Helen Russell & Brendan Clarke.
With over 7 years of experience playing gigs, Elliott has developed a touch for bass rhythm and tone particularly within the styles of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rock, Folk and Country. 
Elliott has also had the opportunity to perform with notable musicians such as; Barney Mcall, Jerome Jennings, Vince Gardner, Nick Hempton, Wil Sargisson, Graham Norris, Tyrone Noonan and many more. 
Elliott’s focus during lessons will be dedicated to the student’s overall playability of the instrument. He will also help with development of fine technique, improving the student’s knowledge of music theory and aims to overall have an enjoyable experience with music. 
Connor Perkins

Connor Perkins

Connor Perkins is a bassist and bandleader whose passion for musical expression drives every decision on and off the bandstand. As an in-demand bassist and recent graduate from JMI, Connor has had the opportunity to learn from some of Australia’s greatest bassists, including Andrew Shaw, Ashley Turner and Brendan Clarke, as well as from international masters Rodney Whitaker and Orlando Le Fleming. 

Connor is known for his rhythmic and energetic style, inspired by players such as Sam Anning, Paul Chambers and Ron Carter. Connor’s focus in lessons is in bringing out an innate sense of creativity and curiosity in each student through the study of the masters, as well as through the refinement of technique and comfort with the instrument. Lessons can also cover a variety of musical styles, including Jazz, Classical, Latin and Folk.


Miguel Mendoza

Miguel Mendoza

Miguel Mendoza is a young Brisbane based drummer who has had passion for music his entire life. He started his musical journey on guitar in primary school before turning to percussion and drums just before high school. After realising his love for drumming, Miguel continued to pursue drums by studying at JMI and graduating in 2019.

For the past couple of years Miguel has been gigging and making a name for himself in the Brisbane music scene, working in a range of musical styles such as jazz, funk, metal, soul, punk rock and improv. As a result, he will be able to cater to your musical interests.

Miguel’s teaching style aims to deliver a technical approach to drumming to give students an overall grasp of the instrument. But also formats his lessons to suit his students skills, experience and learning style.

mitch bellert drums cymbals

Mitchell Bellert

Mitchell Bellert is a Brisbane-based career instrumentalist specialising in jazz and contemporary styles. Graduating from Jazz Music Institute in 2015 with a Bachelor Of Music (Jazz Performance, Drum Set), He has been tutoring drum set since 2014, and performing professionally since 2012. Having studied with some of Australia’s finest educators, Mitchell’s approach to teaching covers all grounds of developing both a technical facility, and a personal ‘sound’ on the drum set.

He takes pride in structuring lessons to students’ individual requirements; albeit due to ability, experience, and musical interest. With a keen interest in jazz musics (improvised to traditional), fusion, funk, motown, hip-hop, and rnb, Mitchell pulls apart the building blocks in each style, allowing learning the music in a fluid and natural manner.

sam castan drums cymbals

Sam Castan

Sam has gained many of the skills and drive he has for music through his own gigging life. Playing with incredible local and international talents such as Graeme Norris, Nick Hempton, Dale Barlow and Wil Sargisson helped fuel and inspire his passion. Since completing his degree at the Jazz Music Institute, along with a Diploma, Sam has been working as a teacher at Independent Music Academy and Downtown Creative studio where he has discovered a love for sharing knowledge with his students. Sam has had ample experience with students from the age of five through to forty plus and is comfortable tailoring each lesson to suit the individual. As a teacher, his goal is to share with and encourage this passion in his students.


Ben Henshaw

Ben Henshaw has been playing piano since the age of eight and, as is common with many young piano students, his early tuition was primarily focused on a broad range of classical repertoire. He proved to be a diligent student and, at the age of 13, won the “Best Performance Award” at the QLD Piano Festival. 

In his teenage years, Ben started to develop a passion for arranging heavy rock and pop songs for solo piano – much to the delight of his peers. After school, Ben started formally studying classical piano at Central Queensland University and it was here, when his lecturers perhaps wanted him to focus on classical repertoire, that he began to develop his passion for jazz music. He decided to change majors to study jazz and also started to perform with small and large ensembles playing both jazz and other styles of contemporary repertoire. His professional performance experience has included private and corporate events and multiple short-term residencies on Hamilton Island.  

Ben began teaching in 2007 and, though is highly competent at teaching technique, style, theory, and repertoire across a wide range of genres and contexts, he discovered that he has an innate talent for developing the musical imagination of his students. He prides himself on being able to tailor lesson plans that meet the diverse goals and skill levels of all individuals that enter his teaching room. His students have gone on to complete high-level exams, obtain entry into tertiary education, and begin successful careers in performance, composition, and teaching.

Lee Brackenborough

I’m a multi-instrumentalist with over a decade of experience and have been active in the Brisbane music scene since graduating a Bachelor of Music (JMI) in 2012.

I’ve been performing, writing and recording music for about 15 years. Some of the bands I’ve worked with include: Big Dead, Moreton, Captain Dreamboat, HRBRT and Cowbird and I’ve performed at venues from intimate cafes to The sydney Opera house.

I’m experienced at playing in a variety of styles and line-ups, teaching piano, saxophone and theory privately to people of all ages and ability since 2010. I tailor my lessons to each student with an underlying focus on rhythm, harmony and improvisation as I feel these concepts are essential to a musician’s freedom on their instrument and can be applied to all styles of music.


Lachlan Alexander

Lachlan Alexander

Lachlan Alexander began playing the saxophone 12 years ago although didn’t get mesmerised by the art of jazz until 2015. During his studies at JMI, Lachlan has acquired a love for both traditional and bebop styles while studying the masters such as Charlie Parker, Johnny Griffin & Sonny Stitt. Lachlan also takes influence in his clarinet playing from the likes of Buddy DeFranco, Artie Shaw, Sidney Bechet & Giacomo Smith.

Currently, Lachlan is completing his Masters in Performance at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University whilst integrating his learning in practice by contributing as an emerging talent within the Brisbane Jazz scene.

alex price tenor saxophone

Alex Price

Originally from the UK Alexander Price started out playing saxophone in community concert bands and jazz orchestras. In 2016 Alexander graduated from JMI (Jazz Music Institute), since then he has been working on his craft, performing in various ensembles and teaching around Brisbane. Influences include the sounds of Stanley Turrentine, Dexter Gordon and Hank Mobley