Bachelor Of Music In Jazz Performance


JMI’s Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance is a 3-year full time music course endorsed by some of the biggest international jazz artists. This performance-based degree program will unlock your musical potential and help you become the best musician you can be. Along the way you’ll become an expert on music harmony and improvisation, developing the performance skills you need for a lifelong career in the music industry.

Each student receives individual one-on-one lessons on their instrument supplemented by a variety of music classes that focus on aural skills, jazz theory, improvisation, jazz history, ensemble and business skills.

Students will learn from Australia’s finest jazz educators and performers to develop the necessary skills to become a successful musician in the music industry. Find out more about JMI’s faculty here.

Course Structure

The three year full-time degree is divided into three study areas:  Performance, Core Studies and Creative Studies.

Students undertake practical subjects including Principal Study (individual lessons with instrumental teacher), Concert Performance Practice (weekly student performances), Improvisation Techniques and Ensemble. These subjects are supported by the theoretical subjects Jazz Materials (music theory), Aural and Analysis (listening and transcription skills), Jazz in Context (jazz history) & Business Studies.

Students learn a significant amount of jazz repertoire in both the practical and theory classes, equipping them with the ability to analyse form, structure, harmony, melody and rhythm from different perspectives. Electives include Jazz Composition, Jazz Arranging, A Capella Ear Training and Music Technology among others.

Course Fees

For Domestic Students


Eligible domestic students can defer their fees to a HELP debt through FEE-HELP. Click here for more information.
2024 Fees
Fee per credit point = $250
Total fees per semester = $10,000*
Total course fees: $60,000*
For the cost of each unit, please download the Schedule of units for 2024

For International Students

2024 Fees
Fee per credit point = $437.50 AUD
Fees per semester = $17,500* AUD
Total course fees: $105,000* AUD
NOTE: Prospective international students will need to go to the International Students page for information specifically regarding how to apply to JMI as an international applicant.

*course fees are subject to change throughout the course

ENTRY requirements

To apply for this course, applicants will need to complete an audition. The audition process is outlined below.

The Audition Process

The audition process for this program is outlined below. Applicants will need to complete the Repertoire Performance, Scales & Arpeggios and Theory & Aural Exam.  This will take up to 30 minutes to complete in total.

Repertoire performance

All applicants will perform the repertoire performance with a JMI staff rhythm section in-person, or with a backing track or solo if performing the audition online.

Repertoire List A (Blues): Blue Monk, Tenor Madness, Blues by Five, Sonnymoon for Two

Repertoire List B (Standards): Autumn Leaves, All of Me, Exactly Like You, There Is No Greater Love, There Will Never Be Another You


(brass, woodwind, bass, guitar, piano)

  • Perform 1 piece from List A (Blues) and 1 piece from List B (Standards).

Applicants will need to perform the melody, play the arpeggios through the chord changes, take an improvised solo and perform the melody to finish.  NBBassists will be asked to play a walking bass line instead of the melody.


  • Perform 2 pieces from List B (Standards). Vocalists will be asked to sing the melody, take a 1-chorus scat solo or vocalise, then sing the melody to finish.
  • Play the root notes to the chord changes on piano while singing the melody to the 2 pieces from List B (Standards).


  • Perform 1 piece from List A (Blues) with a swing feel and the song “Blue Bossa” with a Bossa Nova feel. In both pieces, drummers will need to play time and trade 4s with the JMI staff piano player.

If you would like to get the sheet music for the audition repertoire, please contact JMI directly.

Check out JMI’s Spotify Playlist for some great versions of these tunes.

Scales & Arpeggios


(brass, woodwind, bass, guitar, piano)

Perform the following:

  • Major scales in the keys of C, F, G, D, A, Bb, Eb
  • Major, Dominant 7th & Minor 7th arpeggios in the keys of C, F, G, D, A, Bb, Eb

NB: Guitarists are to demonstrate the above information in at least 2 positions.


Perform the following:

  • Sing Major scales in three keys of choice
  • Sing Major, Dominant 7th and Minor 7th arpeggios in 1 key of choice


Perform the following:

  • Major scales in the keys of G, C, F & Bb on the piano at their own tempo
  • A sight-reading drum exercise
Theory & Aural Exam

Applicants will sit a music theory exam on basic music theory knowledge which will include

  • Basic rhythmic construction: quarter and eighth notes, and rests
  • Write major scales up to four flats/sharps
  • Write major, minor, augmented, and diminished triads
  • Write out the Circle of 4ths/5ths

Applicants will also sit a brief aural exam in which they will have to:

  • Distinguish between major and minor triads; major, minor and dominant seventh chords
  • Distinguish between major and minor seconds; perfect fifths and octaves; major thirds and perfect fourths

English Language Proficiency

In addition to the audition, applicants will need to meet the English Language Proficiency requirements to enter the course.

English Language Proficiency requirements

Applicants will need to demonstrate an adequate level of English Language proficiency prior to gaining entry into this course. The following is deemed adequate and will require providing documentation (in brackets) at the point of audition.

  • A Pass in Year 12 English (Senior School Certificate)
  • Previous study in a VET course at Diploma level or above either complete or incomplete (Statement of Attainment)
  • Previous study in a Higher Education course at Bachelor level or above either complete or incomplete (Academic Transcript)
  • A score of 6.5 on a IELTS test
  • An overall score of 150 or better on the QTAC STAT test

If applicants cannot demonstrate an adequate level of English Language proficiency at the time of audition, they will need to undertake a STAT test at QTAC (www.qtac.edu.au) and gain an overall score of 150 or better prior to being offered a place in this course.

If you are unable to achieve this score then you will need to complete a preparatory course in English to be able to enter this course. Contact JMI for more information regarding English preparatory courses that are available.

More admissions information, including JMI Student Profiles and specific admissions information for different applicant backgrounds (school leavers, previous VET study, previous Higher Education study, work & life experience) is also available here.

If you are unsure of the specific information please contact the office for further clarification. You can also arrange lessons with staff prior to your audition. If you are unable to complete some of the following requirements, you may be offered lessons with staff or short courses after your audition.

Enrolment Process

If you are successful in your audition, you will be sent an offer for enrolment in the program.

Learn more about the enrolment process

This offer will include the following information:

  • the course for which they are offered a place
  • details of any advanced standing they may have received
  • process for accepting the offer
  • important upcoming dates including the date of required reply to accept the offer and
  • details of fees and options for payment of fees.

For JMI’s accredited courses, fee payment options include:

  • Defer all fees to a FEE-HELP debt
  • Defer some fees to a FEE-HELP debt and pay the remaining fees up-front
  • Pay total some of semester fees up-front

You will be given up to 30 days to respond to this offer and confirm your place in the course.  To confirm your enrolment, you will need to complete the Enrolment Form and send back to JMI as per the instructions in the Letter of Offer.  If you do not respond within 30 days, your offer may be withdrawn.

You are able to apply for Advanced Standing as per JMI’s Credit Transfer & Recognition of Prior Learning Policy at any point in time during the application process.  You can access this policy by visiting our Academic Policies page.

If you wish to defer your offer, you will need to contact JMI directly and in accordance with JMI’s Leave of Absence and Withdrawal Policy, also available on our Academic Policies page.

For more information regarding tuition fees and refunds, please see our Domestic Student Fee and Refund Policy available on our Academic Policies page.

Important Admissions Dates

29th April 2024 – Auditions open for mid-year 2024 entry
1st July 2024 – Auditions open for 2025 entry
12th July 2024 – Auditions close for mid-year 2024 entry
29th July 2024 – Semester 2 2024 commences (mid-year entry)
31st January 2025 – Auditions close for 2025 entry
17-21 February 2025 – Orientation week
24th February 2025 – Semester 1 2025 commences

Location & Contact Information

Campus Location:
47 Brookes Street
Bowen Hills, QLD 4006

Contact Information
E-mail: play@jazz.qld.edu.au
Phone: (07) 3216 1110

Please call or e-mail for any queries regarding the course, enrolment, audition process, fees etc.

Campus Facilities:

Facilities on campus includes:

  • 7 teaching studios
    • 3 large ensemble studios
    • 1 lecture room
    • 3 small studios for one-on-one lessons
    • Each room equipped with PA, piano, drum kit, guitar amps, bass amps and keyboards
  • A dedicated performance space that fits up to 80 students
  • Library and resource room
  • Student common area

The campus location is within 1 km of a number of amenities including cafés, convenience stores, hotels, train stations and bus stops.

additional admissions information

For more admissions information, including admissions processes from different educational backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the student profile at JMI, please download the below document

Additional Admissions Information Sheet

Career outcomes

Graduates of this course will have the developed technical, analytical, communication and creative skills to engage in a professional career. Such career pathways include;

  • Freelance musician
  • Recording artist
  • Private teacher
  • Teacher at primary or secondary school
  • Studio musician
  • Jazz arranger

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an accredited course?

The Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance course is currently accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency.

This qualification is recognised across Australia under the Australian Qualifications Framework

Statement of Tuition Assurance

Is this course CRICOS approved?
This course is CRICOS approved and available for International Students to study on a student visa. The CRICOS course code is 098338G.  For information regarding studying this program as an International student, please visit our International Students page.
Is there a financial support scheme available?
FEE-HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible fee paying domestic students enrolled at Jazz Music Institute to pay their tuition fees. FEE-HELP can cover all or part of a student’s tuition fees.  Over their lifetime, a student may borrow through FEE-HELP an amount up to the FEE-HELP limit to pay their tuition fees. To find out more, visit FEE-HELP.

Get started

To apply for these courses, prospective students need to perform an audition. Audition requirements and the process of the audition are available on our How to Apply page.