JMI Live – Live Jazz in Brisbane every week

JMI Live presents live jazz in Brisbane every Thursday night from 8pm and a jam session after each gig. JMI Live is renowned for its intimate setting, providing the best opportunity to listen to live jazz in Brisbane. Just like a jazz club in New York, this venue is the ideal location for great jazz music, acoustics and atmosphere.


JMI Live is located at 10 Exhibition Street, Bowen Hills.

Ticket Purchasing

All tickets to JMI Live concerts are available through Eventbrite.  To purchase a ticket to concert, click on the event below and there will be a link to purchase tickets through Eventbrite.

Live streaming

All JMI Live concerts are live-streamed to JMI’s YouTube account.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to access our free live streams.


Performance enquiries

If you’re interested in performing or being involved at JMI Live, the best thing to do is to come to one of our gigs and introduce yourself to the staff.
Dan Quigley  |  dan@jazz.qld.edu.au  |  Ph: 07 3216 1110  |  Fax: 07 3216 1150

Upcoming gigs

Past Gigs at JMI Live