JMI Night Classes


About the Night Classes

JMI’s Night Classes are 8-week classes for 2 hours per week delivered by some of JMI’s esteemed faculty. The classes are held in groups of 5 to 9 people within a fun and supportive learning environment.

The classes will give you a better understanding of the jazz language by learning theory and improvisation techniques through performance and jazz repertoire. We teach theory in a practical manner that makes logical sense. The classes are perfect for anyone from a jazz novice, to someone who has some experience playing jazz but wants to build on their skills, to someone looking to study tertiary music in the future and would like to get a head start before they begin study.

Class Levels

JMI’s Night Classes are split up into Beginner and Intermediate classes.  You are able to select which class you wish to be in on the registration form.  

The Beginner classes are aimed towards those who have been playing their instrument for at least 2 years, but with limited to no experience in performing jazz or improvising.  These classes are perfect for those who want to learn how to improvise and perform in a jazz setting but haven’t gotten around to it or had the chance.  Students looking to enter the beginner class will need to know how to play major scales and arpeggios in at least 4 keys.

The Intermediate classes are focussed towards those that have experience in improvising and would like to push their current skill set and knowledge with like-minded musicians.  These classes are perfect for those who want to delve into more complex harmony and improvisation techniques without studying in a full-time course.  Students looking to enter the intermediate class will need to know how to play Major, Dominant 7th and Minor scales and arpeggios in all 12 keys.


The cost for the classes is $440 incl. GST for the 8 weeks.  There will be no refunds available after the first week of term unless the classes are cancelled by JMI.


Term 1 – 13th February – 3rd April
Term 2 – 1st May – 19th June
Term 3 – 17th July – 11th September
Term 4 – 9th October – 27th November


Simply complete the Registration Form for the specific term you would like to enrol in and either e-mail, post or hand in person to JMI.

Registration Form – Term 1

Registration Form – Term 2

Registration Form – Term 3

Registration Form – Term 4

How the Night Classes run

These classes are on a term-by-term basis. Each term runs for 8 weeks and will have a performance at the end of the 8 weeks at JMI’s very own concert venue, JMI Live, open to family and friends. Classes will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm at JMI’s campus in Bowen Hills.

More about the Night Classes

Students will learn the melody, chord progressions and scales that correspond to the chords and phrases that will fit over classic jazz repertoire. A strong emphasis on learning improvisation techniques and jazz theory in a practical manner is applied throughout these classes. Below is a sample of the scales, arpeggios and repertoire that may be covered throughout the term.

Sample Scales
Major, Dominant, Dorian Minor, Half Diminished, Dominant 7b9, Melodic Minor

Sample Arpeggios
Major, Dominant, Dorian Minor, Half Diminished, Dominant 7b9, Melodic Minor

Sample Repertoire

  • Sonnymoon for Two
  • Blues by 5
  • All of Me
  • Careless Love
  • Take the A train
  • Blue Bossa
  • Song for my father
  • Softly, as in a morning sunrise
  • There is no greater love