JMI School Workshops & Classes

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Jazz Performance Demonstrations

JMI is offering a 1-hour performance demonstration for high school students at your high school.

The demonstrations will be delivered by JMI’s Head of School Dan Quigley, along with a group of  current JMI students.  The group will perform a 30-40 minute set of jazz standards, going through the progression of styles in jazz from New Orleans to New York and beyond and discuss the roles of each member of the group. The group will then take a 20-30 minute Q&A session with the students.

This is a great way to expose your students to jazz music performed by young musicians only a few years older than them. If you’re running a jazz unit as part of your high school curriculum in classroom music, this is the perfect way to get your students engaged with the content.

These workshops costs $110 incl GST (usually $220 incl GST) for high schools and can run any time that is suitable for your students.

School Improvisation Workshops

JMI is offering 2-hour improvisation workshops with a member of our esteemed faculty.  We can deliver the workshop at any time that suits the high school and can be catered towards the proficiency and current knowledge of your students, whether they are beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Topics include:

  • Basic building blocks of harmony
  • Improvising through chord progressions
  • Using syncopation and rhythm in improvisation

The 2-hour improvisation workshop will cost $165 incl GST (usually $330 incl GST) plus a travel fee for schools outside the Greater Brisbane region. The improvisation workshop is perfect for all high school music students, whether you’re running a big band and want your students to learn how to improvise solos, to classroom music students who are wanting to learn how to improvise better over any style of music.

Rehearsal Workshop with your Big Band or Stage Band

Having difficulty in getting your Big Band to swing? Don’t worry, we can help!

Our Head of School, Dan Quigley, is available to come out to your band rehearsals and work with your band on the following essential elements of jazz:

  • Getting your rhythm section to work together
  • Jazz phrasing and articulation
  • Ensemble blending and dynamics

If you’re performing repertoire from the Essentially Ellington* program, we can come to your band rehearsal free of charge and run through ways of interpreting and performing the repertoire.

If you’re performing other repertoire, the rehearsal workshop will cost $55 per hour incl GST (usually $110 per hour incl GST).

*Essentially Ellington is a FREE program delivered by Jazz at Lincoln Center. Members get access to free charts, videos, rehearsal guides and other resources. This is a fantastic way of improving the musicianship of your ensemble by performing sophisticated jazz orchestral music.  Also, find out more about the Essentially Ellington Down Under Regional Festival run by JMI and Jazz at Lincoln Center with some great performance and educational opportunities for you and your students!

Book a Workshop

To book or find out further information regarding having a performance demonstration, improvisation workshop or rehearsal workshop at your school, please contact us on (07) 3216 1110 or via this form below :