JMI Educational Blog: Working with Triads – PART II

by Travis Jenkins – lecturer at JMI Last week we looked at the importance of triads and how to effectively use them in constructing melodies through major harmony.  For a recap, check out Part I of Working with Triads. This week we’re going to look at expanding on this concept...
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JMI Educational Blog: Working with Triads – PART I

by Travis Jenkins – JMI sessional lecturer Teaching jazz music in Brisbane, I often come across musicians who are already sinking their teeth into the art of improvisation, yet still don’t know their triads.  I was definitely one of these people.  One of my teachers caught me out on this...
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JMI Educational Blogs – Piano chords: Spelling vs. Voicing

One of the first things you’ll learn in any tertiary contemporary music course – especially at JMI in Brisbane, once your fundamental scales and triads are secure, is how to “spell” 7th chords – not just dominant 7ths, but major and minor 7ths, diminished and half-diminished 7ths, and minor-major 7ths....
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