Getting to know JMI Alumni: Steve Powell

In our “Getting to know JMI Alumni” blog series, we speak to our alumni to see what they’ve been up to since graduating from JMI and what’s on the musical horizon for them.  This week we speak to Steve Powell who graduated in 2016.  Not only is Steve a fantastic...
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JMI Educational Blog: Working with Triads – PART II

by Travis Jenkins – lecturer at JMI Last week we looked at the importance of triads and how to effectively use them in constructing melodies through major harmony.  For a recap, check out Part I of Working with Triads. This week we’re going to look at expanding on this concept...
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JMI Educational Blog: Working with Triads – PART I

by Travis Jenkins – JMI sessional lecturer Teaching jazz music in Brisbane, I often come across musicians who are already sinking their teeth into the art of improvisation, yet still don’t know their triads.  I was definitely one of these people.  One of my teachers caught me out on this...
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JMI Educational Blogs – Piano chords: Spelling vs. Voicing

One of the first things you’ll learn in any tertiary contemporary music course – especially at JMI in Brisbane, once your fundamental scales and triads are secure, is how to “spell” 7th chords – not just dominant 7ths, but major and minor 7ths, diminished and half-diminished 7ths, and minor-major 7ths....
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