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Jerome Jennings touring Australia for Essentially Ellington Down Under

Jerome Jennings and Vince Gardner are coming to Australia in August 2019 for Essentially Ellington Down Under!  We’re very excited to have Jerome and Vince coming back again to adjudicate the Essentially Ellington Regional Festivals in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

As part of the festivals, high school big bands will perform 3 pieces that will be recorded with real-time audio feedback from Vince or Jerome.  After their performance, each band will get a private workshop with Vince or Jerome working on techniques for improving musicianship and gaining a deeper understanding of the music.

On top of the festivals, Jerome and Vince will be delivering workshops for teachers. The workshops focus on teaching concepts for improving musicianship in students.  These workshops will include sessions with an actual high school big band where Vince and Jerome will demonstrate their approaches to directing the band and how they bring out the best in students.

About Essentially Ellington

Essentially Ellington is a program run by Jazz at Lincoln Center in the United States that is designed to help improve the musicianship and sophistication of high school jazz bands.  The program is completely free, with no costs involved in being a member.  As a member, high schools are able to access free big band charts every year along with a vast range of resources, including videos, audio recordings and rehearsal guides.  To become a member of Essentially Ellington, go to www.jazz.org/ee

Essentially Ellington Down Under is delivered in partnership with JMI and Jazz at Lincoln Center.  This is the sixth time that JMI will be partnering with Jazz at Lincoln Center to deliver educational and performance activities for high school teachers and students. This partnership began with the first Essentially Ellington Teachers Conference held in Brisbane in 2014.  Since then, over 400 teachers and nearly 3,000 high school students have participated in workshops and/or performances as part of Essentially Ellington Down Under.

We’re very excited to see this program continue to grow in Australia, helping to improve the level of musicianship and sophistication of high school big bands.

More information regarding the workshops and festivals is available at www.jazz.qld.edu.au/ee.

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