The JMI method

The Jazz Music Institute (JMI) teaching method is a hands on creative approach, the most effective and efficient way to learn about music performance, theory and harmony.

Our method is designed so that anyone of any standard can improvise and also learn about music theory/harmony and its application to performance. Not only do you learn to improvise you will also unravel the complexity of music theory and harmony with a logical, systematic and easy to understand approach.

Taught in a jazz context, our accredited courses and casual classes will help you to understand the concepts behind all styles of music including rock, pop, folk, modern dance music and classical. The course content is an excellent background for songwriting. On successful completion of our courses you will be capable of analysing any chord sequence and improvise over it. You will be able to compose music in a variety of styles and your musicianship skills will be of the highest level in performance and theory knowledge.

JMI is far and away the best value for money of any music course on offer, because it is practically focused with the majority of class time spent playing your instrument in small class sizes.

The JMI educators are well-qualified, experienced and enthusiastic educators. As well as being professional musicians, all our educators are involved in the annual review process of the course. See our faculty page for more information regarding our high-quality faculty.