JMI’s Open Day – Saturday 1st July

JMI is holding its Open Day on Saturday 1st July with information sessions, workshops, jam sessions and a FREE BBQ. It seems like only yesterday that 2017 had just started and yet here we are, almost midway through the year with our eyes spinning around the back of our heads...
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BeBlog Part II: Major Pain

by Andrew McNaughton Major Pain The dominant 7 chord function seems to get all the attention in jazz with its flashy flat fives, bodacious upper body structure and all its possibilities for tension and extension. But what do we do with all that pent up jazz … more often than...
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BeBlog – A Grain of Salt Peanuts

By Andrew McNaughton – lecturer at JMI & Qld Conservatorium When JMI put out the called to arms for a jazz-related blog with an educational aspect, I responded with an enthusiasm borne out of a deep sense of duty and the passion of a dedicated teacher. Ask not what JMI...
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JMI Blog: My Top 5 favourite Bass Players

by Nick Quigley – CEO of JMI There are many jokes that go around about bass players… such as; what do you call it when two upright bassists play in unison? A minor second… But in my opinion, the bass plays an integral role in all styles of music and...
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JMI Blog – What is ‘Jazz Language’?

by Dan Quigley – Head of School at JMI In order to understand what “Jazz Language” is we need to listen to lots of jazz music. If Jazz is different to other styles of music, what makes it different? Many believe that improvisation is Jazz, as if to say that...
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