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Milton Man Gogh “How To Be Big & Small (At The Same Time)” Album Launch – 27/06/19

After prolific formative years and a brief hiatus, Milton Man Gogh have emerged with their second full-length album entitled “How to be Big and Small (At the Same Time)” through eclectic Sydney label Art as Catharsis. Featuring special guest performances from award-winning Australian improvisers Kristin Berardi (vocals) and Toby Wren (guitar), this newest offering from the experimental trio serves as a multi-layered perspective and powerful manifestation of the band’s philosophy and sound; striking a balance between the precise and expressive, serious and ridiculous.

A “jazz trio” that eschews the mantle and gives it some crushed up No-Doz tablets; Milton Man Gogh is the collaborative effort between Andrew Saragossi (Tenor Saxophone), Zac Sakrewski (Double Bass/Effects) and Benjamin Shannon (Drums & Percussion). The Brisbane based trio’s distinct style and approach to music making is aimed at bringing together the often far- spread constellations of music lovers; from the festival stage, to the cellar jazz club through to the living room metal show. With an energetic and unpredictable live show which saw them share the stage with KNOWER (USA) at the 2018 Brisbane International Jazz Festival, MMG have rapidly become one the Australian jazz-sphere’s must see acts.

“Milton Man Gogh excel at creating a diverse palate of emotions through frequent but deliberate changes in phrasing and playing dynamics. The sludge-ridden double-bass lines and aggressive, percussive insanity juxtapose almost too-perfectly with the many genuinely beautiful moments which catch the listener entirely off-guard, simultaneously becoming aware of the goosebumps
running down their arm and the single tear welling in their eye.”
– William France, Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Thursday 27th June 2019
JMI Live 10 Exhibition St Bowen Hills
Tickets $10 entry on the door ~ Main set from 8pm
Jam session till late ~ all ages

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