Position Available – Undergraduate Bass Teacher

JOB TITLE: Academic Teacher


PAY AWARD: Educational Services (Post-Secondary Education) Award 2010

TYPE:  Sessional Employment (Full-time or Part-time depending on the number of teaching hours available)

SUPER: Employer Contribution 9.5%

HOURS PER WEEK: 5-13 teaching hours (depending on the number of bass students enrolled)

WEEKS PER YEAR: 26 weeks (Late Feb – Late June; Late July – Late November)


JMI is a private higher education provider delivering Bachelor, Diploma and Certificate courses specialising in jazz performance.  JMI has been delivering courses in jazz since 1997.  JMI enjoys a reputation throughout Australia as one of the finest jazz institutes in the country.

JMI prides itself of its community atmosphere and high level of student satisfaction.  This is achieved by delivering genuine educational outcomes and providing a holistic educational experience through industry interaction, peer support and a personal approach to teaching.

JMI’s courses reinforce the importance of learning the jazz tradition.  Jazz is a language that requires an understanding of its syntax and symbols to truly express oneself in a creative and meaningful way.  At JMI it is essential that all staff have a deep understanding of the history of jazz music, a passion for its tradition and an enthusiasm for its future development.


The main responsibilities of this position is to deliver the Principal Study subject to bass students in the Bachelor and Diploma programs at JMI.  This involves a one-hour lesson each week for each bass student across 13 weeks of each semester.  The Principal Study teacher assesses a student’s skill during the first lesson and provides appropriate instrument instruction so that students can progress towards their musical goals and meet the learning outcomes of the course.

The Principal Study teacher will need to prepare each student for their technical assessment, transcription, recital performance and research essay.  The Principal Study teacher will also be required to assess their students’ research essay and sit on the Internal Panel assessing their students’ performance recital.  Principal Study teachers will be expected to be able to deliver these classes between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Academic teachers are also required to undertake regular professional development to ensure continuous growth and improvement in pedagogical approaches.

A Position Description for the role of Academic Teacher is available here.

Course Outlines for the Principal Study subject are also able to be viewed on the course pages for the Bachelor and Diploma courses.


Applicants are required to at least have the following qualifications:

  • Completed a Bachelor of Music or equivalent*
    • Majoring in jazz studies or equivalent
  • Completed a post-graduate qualification of Level 8 or above on the Australian Qualifications Framework*
    • Majoring in education or music or equivalent

*Qualification equivalency can be demonstrated through extensive industry experience


Applicants are also required to have:

  • good communication skills
  • experience in teaching double bass and bass guitar across different skill levels
  • an extensive technical understanding of the double bass and bass guitar
  • an extensive understanding of jazz theory and harmony
  • an extensive understanding of jazz repertoire
  • a passion for education and fostering growth in others


It is also preferred that applicants:

  • Are active performers in the jazz industry
  • Are open-minded, positive and pro-active
  • Are interested in the further development of jazz music in Australia


All applicants are required to submit a cover letter, CV and a copy of their qualifications.

Shortlisted applicants will then be assessed through the following process:

  • An interview with JMI’s CEO, Head of School and Course Coordinator
  • A 30-minute bass lesson with one of JMI’s current students
  • A performance with JMI staff performing standard jazz repertoire

Appointment recommendations will be forwarded to JMI’s Academic Board for final approval of appointment.


Applicants are to send their CV’s through to play@jazz.qld.edu.au

Applications will close on Friday 7th December 2018.

Any enquiries regarding duties and responsibilities should be directed to:

Dan Quigley
Head of School
+61 7 3216 1110

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