Students rate JMI as one of the best Higher Education institutions in Australia

The results from the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) Student Experience Survey (SES) 2016-2017 have now been published.  This survey is administered to students at 97 Universities and Higher Education institutions across Australia.  As stated on the QILT website,

“The SES is the only comprehensive survey of current higher education students in Australia. Around 148,000 undergraduate students and 58,000 postgraduate coursework students from Australian universities and non-university higher education institutions (NUHEIs) participated in the 2017 SES. The survey is designed to collect information that will help both higher education institutions and the government improve teaching and learning outcomes, and reports on multiple facets of the student experience.”

JMI is very proud to announce that we have scored significantly higher than the national average for 5 out of the 6 categories of the SES 2016-2017!  This shows that our students rate their educational experience at JMI much higher than the average tertiary student in Australia.

Below is the table of results from the QILT website – you can view all results from the QILT SES 2017 by visiting

Student Experience Survey 2016-17 Jazz Music Institute National Average
Overall quality of educational experience

(90.6% – 98.5%)
55 responses
Teaching quality

(93.0% – 99.6%)
54 responses
Learner engagement

(77.2% – 90.1%)
55 responses
Learning resources

(66.4% – 82.6%)
51 responses
Student support

(89.5% – 98.5%)
50 responses
Skills development

(90.2% – 98.5%)
53 responses


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