The Toby Wren Trio – 26/04/18

The Toby Wren Trio return to JMI performing tunes from their most recent release Black Mountain (nominated in this years Queensland Music Awards), arrangements of choice standards and even a new tune or two. This trio has been performing together since 2009, and have developed a remarkable synergy. Their repertoire represents a diversity of influences: the non-functional nature of early blues, idiomatic and extended writing for guitar, and the rhythmic tension and release of Carnatic rhythmic structures.

Toby Wren (guitar)

Andrew Shaw (double bass)

Chris Vale (drums).

“Black Mountain brings up fond recollections of the great Abercrombie/Holland/DeJohnnette 1975 album Gateway. Which is not to say it is not its own animal; the good vibes between the players, the sense of adventure, the push/pull between soloist and ground is what brought the comparison to mind…a unique and rewarding listen.” John Hardaker

“Bassist Andrew Shaw and drummer Chris Vale share a flair for deepening the shadows, drama and tension in Wren’s carefully sculpted compositions, without making them overblown… Compounding the impact is the vibrant warmth of sound captured on this vinyl version of the release.” John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Thursday 26th April 2018

JMI Live 10 Exhibition St Bowen Hills

Tickets $10 entry on the door ~ Main set from 8pm

Open jam sessions from 6pm-7:30pm

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