Milton Man Gogh feat. Kristin Berardi & Martin Kay’s Forage – 05/04/18

Milton Man Gogh feat. Kristin Berardi & Martin Kay’s Forage

Having recently completed their first east coast tour of Australia, a restless Milton Man Gogh has curated a cracker night of music at JMI live, featuring some of the most creative and genuine musicians who reside in this fine city.  Sounds good? It gets better. Featuring the debut performance of the new Brisbane incarnation of Martin Kay’s Forage up first, Milton Man Gogh will then perform re-arrangements of their original music old and new, and in the true MMG spirit of collaboration, they will be joined by the unparalleled creativity of vocalist and improviser Kristin Berardi! The bar will be open and the music will be aces so come join Milton, Kristin and Forage at JMI Live for an evening of improvising and collaboration; who knows what could happen?


Berardi is one of the first calls in the Australian Jazz Scene.  She has worked with such international greats such as Kenny Werner, Jim Pugh, Ingrid Jensen, Christine Jensen, Pascal Schumacher, Dan Weiss, Thomas Morgan, Gary Versace and such Australian Jazz greats as Julien Wilson, Sam Anning, Barney McAll, James Muller, Jamie Oehlers, Ben Vanderwal, Tony Gould amoungst others.  She won the Montreux Jazz Festival’s International Shure Voice competition in 2006 and the following year supported Al Jarreau and George Benson at the Montreux Jazz Festival.   She won the National Jazz Awards for Voice 2012 at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival and has three Bell Awards for the Best Jazz Vocal Album of the year. Also, in 2010 she was awarded the Freedman Fellowship for Jazz in Australia, and is the only vocalist to ever win this prestigious award.  Since 2013, Berardi has been on casual staff at the Brisbane Conservatorium of Music, and WAAPA from 2017.  She also guest lectures around universities in Australia and New Zealand, and continues to record albums and tour.


Milton Man Gogh (MMG) is an experimental trio formed as an outlet for the members to play original compositions no one else wanted to play.  Having performed and recorded together in various freelance and original settings over the last few years, the boys felt that the combination of shit yarns, shit music, a tortured self-mutilating artist and a certain domestic beer made sense; they decided to go ahead and give it a Man Gogh.

The result is an amalgamation of the core influences from each of the members; jazz, prog, contemporary classical and metal.  Equally comfortable plundering sounds from Meshuggah and Donny McCaslin to Aphex Twin and Bela Bartok, MMG seek to explore personal inquiry through composition, ultimately being brought to life in the studio and live performance.

“Milton Man Gogh excel at creating a diverse palate of emotions through frequent but deliberate changes in phrasing and playing dynamics.  The sludge-ridden double bass lines and aggressive, percussive insanity juxtapose almost too perfectly with the many genuinely beautiful moments, which catch the listener entirely off guard, simultaneously becoming aware of the goose bumps running down their arm and a single tear welling in their eye.” – William France (Heavy Blog is Heavy)

Andrew Saragossi – Tenor Saxophone

Zac Sakrewski – Bass & Effects

Benjamin Shannon – Drum Set


Martin developed these charts with Song Fwaa, expanding on them while on a Banff residency curated by Vijay Iyer.  Forage has been in the paddock munching on these charts.  Here is a quote from a review a while back,

“Forage are a garden-path ensemble.  Neat and concise when close to home, quiet zen garden with precise rocks and raked soil.  Further down the track though something happens to the creatures – and the trees.  I mean really, branches at that angle? Rumours are rampant of low hanging fruit, but when the sap flows in the veins, then we are on the verge of saying something, just because, well yes, I think we should say something: down the garden path, things got strange.” – (Anonymous quote from the Foragers almanac 1937)

Martin Kay – Alto Saxophone/Compositions

Andrew Saragossi – Tenor Saxophone

Brodie McAlister – Trombone

Sophie Min – Piano

Helen Svoboda – Bass

Zac Sakrewski – Bass/Guitar/Effects

Benjamin Shannon – Drums

Thursday 5th April 2018

JMI Live 10 Exhibition St Bowen Hills

Tickets $10 entry on the door ~ Main set from 8pm

Open jam sessions from 6pm-7:30pm and 10pm-late licensed bar ~ all ages

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