Roger Manins Workshop

JMI was very lucky to host the amazing New Zealand saxophonist Roger Manins for some performances and workshops in September.  Roger has an amazing wealth of knowledge having lived and performed in New York for years as well as winning the Australian International Jazz Awards.  Here’s what Roger had to say about JMI…

“I think JMI is a fantastic Jazz Course. A top notch, well thought out programme and curriculum firmly rooted in Jazz tradition but with openness to today’s musical climate. The tutors and staff are fantastic and are some of Australia’s finest musicians and educators and are really dedicated to what they do. Its a Family atmosphere: you really get that feeling of community and friendliness, but also a sense of their serious commitment to provide an excellent foundational musical education in jazz. JMI regularly promotes and features visiting artists, and they keep ‘fresh’ with their attitude of openness to what’s going on in and around Australia. I think the course is simply great, and highly recommend it to anyone considering a future in music.”

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